Childcare Sydney

At Kids World Kindy, we believe that the early childhood years form an important foundation for the development of skills necessary for life. The importance of quality childcare is something that should be maintained in and out of the child’s home.

For the valuable children of Sydney, Kids World Kindy aims for making the early years of life as strong as possible. This will ensure children are better equipped to face their future through quality education and support.

We believe in play-based learning. Through play, children develop important dispositions for learning. “When children play with other children they create social groups, test out ideas, challenge each other’s thinking and build new understanding. Play provides a supportive environment where children can ask questions, solve problems and engage in critical thinking.”

Within the context of play-based learning, we aim to provide learning programs that promote physical play, dramatic play, building and construction, manipulative and fine motor play skills, problem solving skills, cognitive thinking, language, enquiry, sensory play, science, maths, nature, creative expression and school readiness. Our teaching decisions involve children, provide choice, cater for individual needs, strengths and emerging interests, and offer challenge.

We believe that each child’s positive self-image and development is enhanced in an environment where Educator’s build warm and trusting relationships with each child. To build relationships with children, Educators focus on interactions which are authentic, responsive, positive and respectful. We model fairness, equity, acceptance and empathy with respect for culture, rights, community and the individual.

We are continually committed to our goal of running the best childcare centre possible. We believe children thrive in an environment where families and educators have respectful relationships and work together in partnership to support each child’s involvement and success in learning.


We provide educational programs that contribute to learning outcomes based on the Early Years Learning Framework:

  1. The child will have a strong sense of identity
  2. The child will be connected with and contribute to his or her world
  3. The child will have a strong sense of wellbeing
  4. The child will be a confident and involved learner
  5. The child will be an effective communicator

Therefore, we believe that it is important to develop a partnership with families that supports friendly and regular communication and encourages families to participate in our educational programs in a variety of ways.

We believe we play an important role in supporting, guiding and educating our families by sharing our knowledge of early childhood development and providing access to support services available in the wider community.

Every year we plan a Calendar of Events that promotes children’s learning, family and community involvement, diversity, cultural celebrations, and an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander way of knowing and being.

We ensure the provision of a safe, secure and hygienic environment for all children, staff, families and visitors. Staff present our environment beautifully, are welcoming, communicate openly and honestly, and are responsible, fair, giving and well presented.

We would like to create a model for other long day care systems in Sydney to follow and aim to be the driving force behind a big leap in day care education in Sydney.

Kids World Kindy is committed to continuous improvement to ensure we meet the National Standard as set out in the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations 2011. Staff, families and the broader community participate in a review of our Quality Improvement Plan on an annual basis.