Pre School

best preschools in sydneyWe aim to ensure all children and families have a smooth transition from home to Kids World Kindy, and as such have a Transition from Home to Kindy Program. All new children and families are encouraged to participate in an Orientation morning prior to the children formally commencing care.

In order for us to become one of the best preschools, not only in Sydney but all over the world, we came up with a new system of education. Where possible, during the first week of enrolment we encourage families to keep their child in care for half a day. We understand your child’s first days can be unsettling and we wish to ensure their transition into Kids World Kindy is as smooth as possible. We are sensitive to the unique needs of every child.

Unlike other child care centres, Kids World Kindy focuses on the first few stages of a child’s adjustment into education. This gives parents and children in Sydney a better way of dealing early on with the common problems of schooling.

Our aim is that even young pre-schoolers can see school as an extension of their home and an opportunity to enjoy and learn. Therefore, our teachers treat the children as their own, with the same, or even more, love and care that they get from their respective families. This has earned our pre school program a reputation as one of the best in the country.

Our new children are welcomed, cared for and their individual needs are met.

Our new children are given the best chance of a smooth transition into kindy, and ultimately schooling.

Infant Program (Wombat Room) 0-2 Years

Between cuddling, cooing and caring, we introduce appropriate new concepts as your baby grows.

Our babies are building secure attachments with firstly one and then more familiar educators.

Our babies are learning to discover and explore.

Our babies are learning to engage in increasingly complex sensory-motor skills and movement patterns.

Our babies are exploring their environment.

Our babies are learning to engage in enjoyable interactions using verbal and non-verbal language.

Preschool Program (Kookaburra and Possum Rooms) 3-5 Years

Our preschoolers get started in problem-solving and engage in activities that foster intuitive learning on the road to a lifetime of learning.

Our preschoolers are learning to persist when faced with challenges and when first attempts are not successful.

Our preschoolers are learning to respond positively to others, reaching out for company and friendship.

Our preschoolers are learning to recognise their individual achievements.

Our preschoolers are investigating, imagining and exploring ideas through their play.

Our preschoolers are learning to become independent communicators, who interact with others to explore ideas and concepts, clarify and challenge thinking, negotiate and share new understanding.

Family Involvement

Families are given many opportunities during the year to actively participate in their child’s program Every year with the input of Families and Educator’s we plan an organic Calendar of Events which promotes children’s learning, family and community involvement, diversity, cultural celebrations and an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander way of knowing and being.

During 2014 our families have been invited to many Kids World Kindy events including; School Readiness information Evening, Mother’s Day and Grandmother’s Morning Tea, Story Telling sessions, Fire Truck Visit, Easter Celebrations, Police Visit, Photo Day’s, Father’s Day Morning Tea, Community Planting of the Centre’s Garden, Graduation Celebration and Drama Performance and Christmas Celebrations and many more.

Some of the Topics your Child will be taught

During the year the children will be taught many topics including;

  • Cultural Celebrations.
  • The Seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.
  • Sustainability, recycling, worm farming and water conservation.
  • Hygiene Awareness.
  • Science experiments.
  • Fire Drills.
  • Road Safety Awareness.
  • Human Body Awareness.
  • Dental Health.
  • Personal safety.
  • Being Sun Smart.

Toddler Program (Koala Room) 2-3 Years

We balance social interaction with individual attention, so your child grows emotionally, as well as cognitively. We let them move, learn, explore and grow.

Our toddlers are learning to approach new safe situations with confidence.

Our toddlers are learning to be empowered to make choices and problem solve to meet their needs in particular contexts.

Our toddlers are learning to respond through movement to music, dance and story telling

Our toddlers are learning to persist even when they find a task difficult.

Our toddlers are learning to respond verbally to what they see, hear, touch, feel and taste.

Our educators will also help with toilet training and we are happy to enrol toddlers still wearing nappies.

School Readiness Program

It’s time for children to get used to a little more structure and to prepare for the differences they’ll face when they start primary school.

Child Portfolios

Your child will have their time and development documented while they attend Kids World Kindy. Our Educators will document each child’s current ideas, knowledge, skills, peer groups, interactions and achievements.

Our Educators use a variety of methods to collect information on your child. Every child will have a Portfolio which will include their observation records, settling- in report, language checklist, samples of artwork, work sheets, photos, etc. Our Educators will record an observation on your child once a month. Our Educators will track the progress your child is making towards achieving learning outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework.

Concerns about your Child’s Development

Are you concerned about your child’s speech and language development or any other area of their progress and child’s development?

If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s development we will work closely with experienced and qualified early childhood specialists to develop a personalised program that focuses on your child’s individual needs. We also work closely with your child’s Medical Practioner, Speech Therapist or Occupational Therapist.